16th Annual Detroit Santarchy.
Saturday December 19th 7pm to 2am 2015

This is an event that a large Group Superfriendz LOVE to attend
(This is not a Superfriendz event)
Superfriendz has host room at the Crown Plaza for an afterparty.
Come all ye faithful for a night of alcohol infused yuletide fun. Join over 2,000 Santa's and his Elves for the 16th Annual Detroit Santarchy. Saturday December 19th 7pm to 2am 2015

A crazy holiday celebration - a bar crawl in Corktown, Cass Corridor, Eastern Market, and all over downtown with thousands of people dressed as Santas and all sorts of holiday costumes.
Holiday costumes are mandatory (get one at any costume shop, order one online, or borrow your creepy uncles.) It is a lot of fun!
The kickoff party starts in Corktown with LIVE musical entertainment at the Gaelic League Irish-American Club located on Michigan Avenue near Slow’s BBQ.. After the kickoff party starts private busses take you away on the crawl to any one of 10+ different bars along the way. Stay at any bar as long as you want and move on to another bar via one of the several buses at any time you want – just make sure you don’t miss the last bus back to the Gaelic League!

Particitpating Bars will be announced the day of the event. You know us, we like to keep things secret as a surprise. We have a few NEW bars this year you will love!!

If you are interested in riding one of the buses (instead of driving) from your area to the downtown starting point, Here's the BUS PICK UP LIST for Detroit Santarchy 2015!!!
Please RSVP so we can get an accurate count of how many Santa's will be needing a ride down.
All buses are on a first come first served basis so get there early enough and buy that pass! We recommend 5:30-6:30pm. We've always been able to fit everyone on board but keep a plan B in place just in case.

You can also purchase bus passes at The Gaelic League anytime after 7pm the night of the event.
Having said that, a fun Santa would never have a problem offering up lap space to a Santa's helper or squeezing together a bit more than on a typical city bus.... Keep it fun and respect your fellow Santas even though they may appear inebriated and unintelligible.'s the list of bus pickup locations to get you downtown to the event.

Ypsilanti - (Tap Room) 201 W. Michigan Ave.(1 bus)
Ferndale - (Zeke's) - 240 W. 9 Mile Road - (3 buses) - 6:45*
Livonia - (K of C Hall) - 19801 Farmington Rd - (2 buses) - 6:30*
Dearborn - (New Place Lounge) - 22723 Mich Ave - (2 buses) - 6:45*
Monroe - (129 Lounge) - 129 E. Front St - 6:30* (1 bus)
Plymouth/Canton - The Plymouth Roc 1020 Ann Arbor Rd. 6:45(1 bus)
Downriver/Southgate - (Mallies Bar) - 19400 Northline Rd - 6:45* (2 buses)
Warren/Roseville - (Johnny B Good's) - 26230 Groesbeck Hwy, Warren - 6:30*(1 bus)
*bus departure time

All buses head to the Irish Gaelic League 2068 Mich. Ave, Detroit.

Around 8:00-9pm the buses will start to spread out to the 10+ bars. From that point with your bus pass you can ride ANY of the chartered buses. Once we evenly spread out you freaks, the buses will start a bus route stopping at EVERY bar. Keep in mind you may not go to the bar you want initially so just stay on or hop on another bus once they start the route. With tons of buses this year the bus wait time should only be 5-10 minutes maximum. Let Santas get off the bus at each stop before you try and stuff your chubby lil rosey red cheeks back on the bus. We really need to keep loads down to under 20 Santas to keep things moving. There will be another bus right around the corner! Just make sure at the end of the night you find the bus you rode in on and take it back home. There will be signs in the window letting you know your origination city.

Please get back to the Gaelic League by 1:30-1:40am to make this happen. We will have chaperones again on each bus so make sure they can see your pass or you won't be allowed to board.

2015 PICS

Santarchy 2.jpg !10271598_1649357248666414_5589415747744344228_n.jpg 10157358_10206724682988938_3755525470266745739_n.jpg
10274266_762966520497265_8262233720080543783_n.jpg 10303760_10204301512852934_6590237039951079286_n.jpg 10341958_10153187767346691_1358060179819274679_n.jpg
10370998_10205243780842702_2549997882626180567_n.jpg 10457963_1649389175329888_8102172283519130229_n.jpg 10570381_10206724683228944_3109212244007082151_n.jpg
10606207_936137343123506_8323732692212593443_n.jpg 10653562_10204301515813008_1776178714031919633_n.jpg 11032265_762966503830600_8118975064739842676_n.jpg
11235276_10204301510492875_4589015542798004609_n.jpg 12359847_10204301512252919_1217886139540982512_n.jpg 12360225_10204303871831907_5503315912629926979_n.jpg
12366220_10204301513812958_8417999500849075938_n.jpg 12366412_10204301511212893_3450814633452430985_n.jpg 12369039_935801353157105_9129974473183854624_n.jpg
12369078_10206724683468950_4488139289531004410_n.jpg 12369163_10206724682748932_4601433744923992184_n.jpg 12369216_750639801709145_297937959121982763_n.jpg
12373372_10204301514212968_382103619492674340_n.jpg 12375963_10205243785082808_1872681535677922972_n.jpg 12375975_762966573830593_2157334772793275159_n.jpg
12376136_762966560497261_1090548967095910377_n.jpg 12376485_10206724702749432_6571737187763392400_n.jpg 12391796_10204301515212993_412813127633011579_n.jpg
12391822_10204301513052939_5122107256942574309_n.jpg 12391870_10206724702549427_261295671003417815_n.jpg 1609638_936109916459582_3892607116948182914_n.jpg
1915462_936066266463947_1784965996654202915_n.jpg 1924032_10204301515533001_9203473756461934467_n.jpg 1934574_10204301510732881_1979332419095231835_n.jpg
1934907_10204301513372947_6075488174415848253_n.jpg 1937017_937038073033433_5816753304957538704_n.jpg 535180_10205243779722674_2685993576889769506_n.jpg
539198_10206724756670780_2852860203863166798_n.jpg 66452_10204301512532926_2326750144877922765_n.jpg 8155_10204301516213018_8433579479958663955_n.jpg
8767_10204301514732981_4780539808153301455_n.jpg 934042_10206724833952712_3445138118956002411_n.jpg 9984_10204303872271918_569521487943637994_n.jpg
Jeffries Angles.jpg