January 23-30 2016 

   **Don't miss Tom's Trip's very own, Entertainer, Comedian, DJ & Emcee  

“Mark Maze”, Hosting Happy Hour At The Nude Pool!  The Place to be!  Wild n Crazy Shannagins,

along with Sexy Music, Fun Contests, Games and Awesome Mayhem... and of course, music based

on your HOT requests!

             **Don't miss Tom's Trips Superfriendz  “Happy Hour Pool Parties”!**

        Saturday, January 23 – Evening Theme Hats and Heels

~ 2:00pm-4:00  Happy Hour at the Nude Pool  DJ-Entertainer-Mark Maze

~ 6:30pm  Superfriendz Meet & Greet Cocktail Party  In the Piano bar adjacent to    the

main dining room.  Meet Your Hosts & The Superfriendz Team. Informational and   fun,

Get the details on this weeks Adventures & Parties! Contests & Prizes.  

    Your chance for a quick group tour of the resort afterward.

~ 10:00pm Sing-A-Long with Mark Maze & The Superfriendz Team  Piano Bar.

~ 1am Superfriendz Host Room Hot Tub-Beach Party   The beach By the Nude Pool.

Sunday, January 24 – Evening Theme

~ 2:00pm-4:00  Happy Hour at the Nude Pool  DJ-Entertainer-Mark Maze

~ 2:00pm  Jamaican Goat Races & Chicken Poo Game on the Nude Beach  

    An absolute Blast to watch & cheer - Betting with Hedo Superfriendz Bucks – Great   

Prizes! Wild FUN and Crazy Cheering! Get your FREE betting slips at the Superfriendz    Tables,

Meet YOUR Bookies Tony & Carrie at the betting Bar, on the nude beach.

~ 8:00pm  Hedo Naughty School Girl Party (Main Pool) Bring your favorite naughty    school

girl or boy.... Teachers, Principals & Pets most welcome!

~ 12:00pm-1:00am  SUPERFRIENDZ Playroom & Afterparty  Sponsored by Tom's    Trips, and – DJ Mark,  Music, Lights, Beds,    Pool, Sexy decor

and more! invite all your new friends!  (Secret) location is the back   door to the Blue Mahoe

Spa, by the tennis courts.

Monday, January 25 – Evening Theme JAMAICAN JAM

~ 1:00pm-3:00  Happy Hour at the Nude Pool  DJ-Comedian-Mark Maze-Games

~ 4:30pm Nude Beach Wedding Dave & Jenn Open to Everyone!

~ 7:30pm  Hedo's Jamaican Jam Party At the Main Pool with Jamaican colors, Black,   Green

& Gold, Sexy Booty Shorts or Hot Pirate Costumes.

~ 10:30pm-1:00am  SUPERFRIENDZ Jamaican Jam Beach Party  Under the Stars,   Center of the

Resort,  On the Prude Beach, Next to the Beach Bar. Featuring DJ Mark   Maze, Huge Sexy

Video Screen & Laser    Light Show, Beach Dancing on one of the     Sexiest Beaches

in the World!

Tuesday, January 26 – Evening Theme

~ 10:30am  Half Moon Bay Clothing Optional Catamaran Cruise  The Original   “Anything Goes”

Cruise.  Set Sail with the Wildest Superfriendz Group To a amazing  Private Beach! Brunch &

Booze served, Nude Sunning, Swimming. Sign up a the Tour    desk in lobby.  Bring water shoes.

$Extra Fee$

~ 10:30pm   Hedo's Glow Party on the Main Pool Deck – Wear your sexiest neon or     white

accented outfit to prepare for this psychedelic outa site poolside Dance Party...

Wednesday, January 27 – Evening Theme

~ 1:00pm-3:00pm  Happy Hour at the Nude Pool  DJ-Comedian-Mark Maze-Games

~ 7:30pm  Hedo's Fetish Fantasy Show  Main Dining Room and Stage.

~ 1:00am Superfriendz Host Room Hot Tub-Beach Party  Beach By the Nude Pool

Thursday, January 28 – Evening Theme TOGA FOAM PARTY

~ 2:00pm-8:00pm  Superfriendz Local Pub Crawl & Sunset Dinner– Tour Local Fare  with

Your Funster Guides, Host Couples, Superfriendz Team & emcee Mark Maze.     Experience true

Island culture. Cost is around $20. per person plus food & drinks.  Sign up at the tour desk,

space is very limited.  

~ 9:00pm  Hedo Staff & Guest Starlight Talent Show  Open Talent Show.

~ 10:30pm  Hedo Toga Foam Party  Main Pool next to the dining room.

 Friday, January 29 –  Evening Theme ROCK STAR PARTY

~ 1:00pm-3:00pm  Happy Hour at the Nude Pool  DJ-Comedian-Mark Maze-Games

~ 6:30pm  Superfriendz Last Laugh Party  Join Tom's Trips & the Superfriendz team in    the

Piano Bar for a week in review of all your favorite memories & laughs.  Bring your  tickets

from the weeks events -PRIZES & Kinky Stuff!

~ 8:30pm  Hedo's Rock Star Party  Main Pool next to the Dining Room.

~ 11:00pm-1:00am  SUPERFRIENDS Playroom & Afterparty  Sponsored by Tom's    Trips, and - DJ Mark, Music, Lights, Beds,     Pool, Sexy decor

and more! invite all your new friends!  (Secret) location is the    back door to the Blue

Mahoe Spa, by the tennis courts.

 Saturday, January 30 – Farewell Breakfast Party

~ 9:00am-11:00am  Happy Endings Breakfast  Main Dining Room.

    We will see you in the lobby as you depart. Book for Next Years Hedo Trip BEFORE    

you leave, TO GET THE SAME RATES as January 2016!  Only a $200. Deposit!

        Don't forget to book your next trip to Hedo with Tom's Trips.              

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Hi MCS team,
You will receive a "tips and FAQs" in your email from Tom's Trips, but since a few have asked questions, I'm going to try to highlight a few things as you prepare your suite cases.

Travel Documents:
In the next couple of weeks you will receive an email from Tom's trips with an attachment that includes your Hotel Voucher that has a 7-digit confirmation number, along with an additional download with staff and host couple profiles, a schedule of events for the month, and tips and FAQs (16 pages) to help you get ready.
(1) Please download & print your Hotel Voucher, it has a 7-digit confirmation number at the top. Put this in your carry-on. Please have it handy on the Sun Holiday shuttle for check-in with your passport when you enter the resort. We want to get you checked into your room as quickly as possible as the resort often over books.

Sun Holiday Shuttle Transfers -
**There is not a voucher for the transfers until they confirm your names on the list provided by Tom's trips at the Sangster airport.**
Sun Holiday Travel and Tours desk is located in the arrival lobby at Sangster airport (desk #5). The desk will be visible to you once you exit the customs area.
After confirming your name, the Sun Holiday Rep will issue a Transfer Voucher containing your name(s), hotel, number of luggage being transported to the hotel,
contact information for Sun Holiday and the departure details for pick-up.
Check over YOUR DEPARTURE DATE & TIME, make sure it is CORRECT!
You are required to hold on to the same voucher to present it at the time of departure.

ON the plane:
(2) Bring a pen in your carry on with all of your travel papers where you can get to them. You will be given a green index size Immigration/Customs card. Make sure you have filled out your Immigration/Customs card completely and sign it wherever it requires including the departure section or you will be delayed. Have your Immigration/Customs card and your passport ready as you arrive Immigration/Customs area.
(3) A swim suite and wrap in your carry-on to change into in case your room is not ready when you arrive so you can relax with a cocktail while you wait.

Things to bring:
(4) A couple extra quart & gallon size zip lock baggies for your Sun Holiday voucher, documents, wallets, etc before you put your valuables in the safe. Your room has a digital safe. Use it. Easily programmed with your own code.

(5) American currency is accepted in Jamaica. Bring lots of small bills, nothing bigger than a $20. They usually can't make change for larger bills and will give you change in Jamaican dollars.
The resort is all inclusive, meaning you are not expected to tip. Any employees accepting tips will lose their job.  They are allowed to accept gifts such as (5) trinkets, or candy. Their chocolate is bitter, they love American chocolate, kisses for example.
(Clearance Christmas candy)

However, the airport baggage handlers, shuttle drivers and catamaran crew are not employees of the resort and are not part of the all inclusive package, so please tip appropriately.
Exchange rate $1 in US money is $119.34 Jamaican money.
Some examples of their cost of goods compared to the US dollar:
Jamaica has two major newspapers: The Jamaica Gleaner and The Jamaica Observer. The cost of the weekday (Monday to Saturday) papers for each is $25 Jamaican dollars. That's around US $0.35.
- prices at the pumps fluctuate like crazy. I don't know if it even makes sense to quote any, but 8 liters (2 gallons) costs around $500 Jamaican, that's roughly $250 per gallon....or US$3.50 a gallon. 

(6) insulated cups for drinks
(7) sunscreen
(8) a hat
(9) water shoes for going in the ocean

Dress code where we dine:
The main dinning room is very casual and theme night attire is welcome there. The two specialty restaurants, Martino's is the Italian restaurant and Munasan is the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, do have a casual-elegant dress code. This means a collard shirt, slacks and shoes for men, and a nice dress for the ladies. Some sort of cover up is required in the dinning and lobby areas at all times.

There are five all together. The (1) Nude and (2) Prude Beach grill serve sandwiches, burgers, fries, fish, Jamaican patties (a turnover) and that famous jerk chicken. They are open during the day and at midnight includes fresh to order personal pizzas.

(3) The main dinning room, called the Terrace Room, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They pretty much close in between to replenish periodically and open again at midnight for an hour or two.

(4) Martino's and (5) Munasan are the two specialty restaurants that require reservations which you can make at the Tour Desk in the lobby.
We will try to make a group reservation when we get there for our team but may have to alternate in smaller groups.

The resort is NOT a nudist resort, however the nude pool and nude jacuzzi ARE nude, nudity is required, and you will be asked to disrobe or leave. The grounds on the nude beach side have always been "clothing optional". Some sort of cover up is required in the rest of the resort, especially in the dinning and lobby areas.

Cell Phones:
Most U.S. cell phones work in Jamaica, but check will your cell phone carrier to add foreign minutes for a minimal $10-$30 fee for the month to your service. Just don't forget to cancel them when you get home.
IMPORTANT: If you have a phone that also checks for email periodically, turn off that feature or you will get a HUGE surprise with your next bill.

Free internet is available, but very slow if too many get on it.
Fast internet is available at a cost of $15 a day, or reduced to $110 a week.
John has purchased the week and is willing to share with us, but it does not
allow for very many of us to be on at the same time so you will have to agree
to get on, do what you need to do, and sign off.

We have a spreadsheet of the times of your arrival and departure. Please text Jeff's phone (517) 775-3666 (only one with Jamaican minutes) if your flight changes and you are delayed. We will be waiting in the lobby to greet you with your favorite beverage and to assist you in getting checked in.

We hope this information helps in getting your suite case started and excited about your vacation. We're going to Jamaica 'mon!